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Why think about accessibility?

With the announcement of the University’s new Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, now is an opportune time to be thinking about the accessibility of our online content. As we design and build content in Canvas, we have the opportunity to remediate any issues which may be preventing some students from accessing content.

Exposing the myths behind the 7 sins of accessibility

Recent conversations between Media Access Australia and some of the country’s top marketing executives have revealed fascinating insights about their perspectives on digital accessibility – and why unfortunately it’s still not considered a priority for most.

Why accessible design is better design

Accessible design isn’t an obstacle to good design – it’s an opportunity for designers, developers, inventors and all other ideas people. By embracing the limitations of disability, we are driven to improve existing designs and create something that is a whole lot better to use, for all users.

Everyone has Disability

Accessible design isn’t just designing for a minority group who identify as having a permanent ongoing impairment. At its core, accessibility is about designing for diverse user needs and it benefits everyone, because everyone has disability.

Top tips for accessibility

A talk about how to test for accessibility at Microsoft's ‘Hack 4 Good’ event attended by web professionals from around the country. Discover the top tips for accessibility from a user experience point of view.

Inaccessible websites force many to ‘Click away’

Recent British research shows that UK businesses are losing out on huge sums of money – potentially totalling billions of dollars – by failing to make their websites accessible to users with access needs… and the same is bound to be true in Australia.

Accessible website design = optimal usability

There’s a myriad of articles out there on terrific colour combinations and graphics tips for website design. However, there’s not much useful information available on how to design a great looking, easy to navigate website that is accessible for those with a vision impairment or cognitive disability.

What makes for a good user experience?

A podcast interview about user experience. What is it? Why is it so important? And, what is it's relavent to digital inclusion?

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